The Recluse

This window is the only way outside
That I can see
Sometimes a stranger beckons me
And so I wait, amused, and count:
One, two, and after three, they’ve gone

Folded an airplane out of paper
To send to me in place of a smile
“I’ll return,” the paper reads
I nod, amused
They never do

Sometimes a friend creeps through and startles
The ticking beat of my heart
And I invite them for a time, watch their eyes, how they flicker
Between mine and the shadows, the broken clock

Alarmed, at last, they’ll “see me soon”
I sigh, amused
Quite used to the smiles they leave
Beside yesterday’s paper

Most of the time, I’m left alone to wonder
If this window ever closed
Could I break myself
Against the glass and


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