Another era’s end
You’re edgy
Time will temper,
Smooth, and color you
In canyon red

Massage your surface,
Press a cradle into
Your hardened bed
To hold a hoping heart

Time will tend,
Healing crevices
Where wind and water sliced
Your callous skin

Soft as sand again (deceitful sleep)
You’re cornered by design
Time renews,
And soothing layers soon erode

You hold yourself unsteady,
Rubbing the red from your eyes
To wake with another face



I could have forbid myself sooner, I know

And saved me the punishment later

We were young, but I know that you knew

Forgetting is harder to do

Than it is to confess that you did


I still forgive your youth,

Though I can’t forgive mine

When I’m punished to always remember

Something you’ll never confess:

How you held me,

Only to tell me I held you back